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maria collins


Every Day is an event and with a little planning life can be a party

  -  Maria collins

Plum & Ivy Events plans detailed and intricate weddings, corporate events, social parties. We treat an event like a mosaic, pulling together different pieces with a common theme to create the full picture.

We are OCD to the max and thrive on organized timelines, reputable vendor relationships, perfect food and beverage pairings, innovative event design, décor and event etiquette.

A typical Plum & Ivy Event involves inspiration, setting the tone of an event, involving the client's personality and perspective, and executing events that create a level of excitement and energy while leaving a lasting impression on guests.

Annie has been with Plum & Ivy since the very beginning. She has a strong background in Culinary Arts working with a catering company for many many years. She has a passion for food and events, professional demeanor and great attention to detail. She can handle any difficult situation with ease and remains cool calm and collected, but what makes Annie the most perfect person to have with you on your big day is her heart, truly caring for each client and making their wedding day perfection!

Erika has always worked in the Hospitality industry. She graduated with a degree in Event Management from Western Michigan University and immediately moved to Chicago to pursue her career in this field. Erika has always been intrigued with wedding planning and is excited that she gets to do this every day. It has been her dream to use her creativity towards her passion for coordinating events. In her spare time, she loves to explore Chicago, travel, exercise, and spend time with friends. She enjoys everything big city life has to offer despite loving growing up in a small northern Michigan town.
"I love being a part of the happiest day of their life and seeing everything come together beautifully on their special day!" 

A Chicago native, Melissa has 10+ years of experience in planning intimate to extravagant weddings, social gatherings and corporate events. Armed with a love for all things organization, she believes that with a well curated check-list and A LOT of coffee, great things can happen! Her career began in the restaurant and bar scene (which she believes everyone should experience at some point in time) and has since grown to include working with global, national and most recently, Chicago-based companies and couples to help create their one-of-a-kind events! A believer in thorough communication, humor and learning to laugh at yourself, Melissa considers herself lucky to be a part of your planning!

At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.  -  Plato

EriKa Baumgartner

Senior Event Planner

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The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. - Audrey Hepburn

Where there is love there is life.  -  Mahatma Gandhi

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Brittany Reynolds

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a mosaic approach to event planning

Brittany was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and also was a Plum &  Ivy Bride. After planning her own wedding - with the help from the team she knew this was something she was passionate about. Brittany is a planner in all aspects of her life and brings attention to detail and organization to the team. She loves bringing a clients vision to life and making sure their special day exceeds their wildest dreams. Her positive attitude,  thoughtfulness and willingness to go above and beyond for clients make her a great planner and an integral part of the Plum & Ivy dream team.

Maria grew up in a family of 5 kids so needless to say, every day was a production. From the time she woke up to the time we went to bed, the days were planned. Maria was always helping coordinate all the activities and occasionally creating centerpieces with random objects and some flowers from her mother’s expansive garden.  At an early age, she knew she would be doing something with food, events and planning.

Maria attended Prep School in Massachusetts, just North of Boston where she naturally became the head of the social committee, helping to plan weekly events for the school. The name Plum & Ivy comes from a home her parent's rented on Plum Island near her boarding school. She loved spending weekends on the beach, a little home away from home!

After trying the traditional college route, Maria ran off to culinary school and finished my culinary and entrepreneurship degrees at Johnson & Wales University After working as a Chef & Restaurant Manager in Massachusetts, she moved back to Chicago, taking a position with an amazing Chicago Catering company, growing to be their senior event planner in both corporate events & weddings.

After years of event planning with a catering company, she was inspired to open Plum & Ivy and Bring that creative and detailed kitchen mentality to the entire event.