Natural & Earthy-How to Incorporate the Season Into Your Wedding

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Natural & Earthy – How to incorporate the season into your wedding

The time of year that couple chooses to tie the knot usually has meaning ; it represents a memorable date to the couple, they love the colors of the season or the cuisine that the season brings. Regardless of the reason, the very best way to incorporate a season into a wedding is by taking natural elements from the outdoors and bringing it in!

A few Eventspirations:

-Collecting river rocks from a nearby river as a "guest book" to have guests sign with a metallic pen and store in a clear glass cylinder as a keepsake

-Obviously using locally grown produce to design a custom menu; for instance local organic honey infused butter florets at each place setting to pair with your artisan breads from the nearby bakery

-Gathering branches from woods near your Event Venue and painting them a uniform color to accent centerpieces

-Using succulents (that need very minimal care) as favors for your guests

-Incorporating local and seasonal produce such as lemons, green apples or Purple artichokes into your centerpieces to add that pop if color and great texture

-Tucking a seasonal herb into your dinner napkin, this adds texture as well as a subtle scent to your reception as guests are welcomed in

-Having very neutral table linens in shades of gray, slate, brown and taupe. This allows all of the intricate details of your centerpieces to pop and not compete with each other

-Using wood from local trees or recycled wood to make signage for your wedding day.

-Involving feathers with vibrant colors to accent your table scape

Another great reason that a natural and earthy look is so wonderful is that is really allows your event decor to have a balance of hard and soft. I tend to pair elements such as wood and antlers with plush fabrics like cashmere and soft flowers like lamb's ears to create a very texturized and appealing look.